About two year ago I participated in the Re-Cover exposition, an innitiative of Dutch dance music & nightlife magazine DJBroadcast. We kept in contact through the years and a while back the guys at DJBroadcast asked me to do the cover of their 52th issue!

They briefed me to come up with a cover in my trademark style and I incorporated a bit of a musical theme to tie in with the DJBroadcast theme. The big robot is controlled by a furry alien wearing an eyepatch (the result of a battlescar! Piloting robots can be hard!) and his friends just landed with their UFO to behold the spectacle at hand. Besides the musical theme I couldn’t resist to fit in some retro game nostalgia as you can see by the NES controls on the robot’s torso. The cover was eventualy printed on a nice sturdy paper with a high gloss UV coating which looked awesome in real life, so I included a few photo’s to give you guys an idea.

Besides just creating the illustration I thought it was about time to do a capture of my work process again! So click on the vimeo player below to get a glimpse of how I set up my work using Photoshop! Black Sun Empire and State of Mind were so kind to let me use their track ‘Pitch Dryfter’ as a fitting score (get it at Beatport and al mayor record stores!) and I’ve included some wallpapers as well for your downloading pleasure! Enjoy!


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