A while ago the guys from Noisia asked me to make a sleeve design for their upcoming Alpha Centauri 12″. Noisia consists of three talented guys from Groningen, the Netherlands, and are established producers of electronic music. Finding their roots in Drum&Bass and moving up through all different kind of styles from Dubstep to Electro House this year saw their release of the Split the Atom LP.

Alpha Centauri is the third single taken from their debut LP and they asked me to come up with a design. I’ve know Thijs, Martijn and Nik for quite some while now and have worked with them before, but to come up with a sleeve design was a real privilege, especially when you take the creative freedom that I had into account. The brief was simple: make it a trademark happy Super Silo style and give it a sci-fi theme that has something to do with the title of the track. The result is a colorful, yet in-your-face approach that suits the track and the remix very well.

Besides the original mix, the release also contains a remix by Dubstep hotshots Excision and Datsik and together with the epic original mix it makes up for quite the release! If you want to own a physical copy just visit the Noisia webshop, they should have it in store somewhere this week. Besides the sleeve I’ve also added some wallpapers to cheer up your desktop. Enjoy and don’t forget to check the original and remix of Noisia’s Alpha Centauri on Spotify!


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